Why do people hate Elon Musk?

It is no secret that a lot of people have beef with Elon Musk.

The real question is why?

Take a look at some screen shots that I found on the interwebz.

Lets see what people are actually thinking.

Some of these screen shots will be realated to space and some won't.

And you just gotta be okay with that.

For your connivence, here is a link to a thread: Elon Musk Thread

Here is another site talking you might like: Musk's Thread

(Scroll past this obnoxious image of Elon to see them)

So, I know what you might be wondering... What does this have to do with Space and figuring out what we as humans are made of? And to tell you the truth, this is all just to let you know that...


Now, on to the more important part of this journey...

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